All our regular orders are usually shipped within 4-5 business days after clear payment and will reach your destination around 10 working days.

We accept and ship orders to all countries. In order to offer our customers a premium courier service, all our shipments are carried out through DHL. After dispatch, shipping usually takes 3-5 business days for the items to be delivered to your doorstep. We reserve the right to choose the courier of our choice to accommodate the most efficient method of getting the product to you.

Once we ship the order and provide the tracking number, it is the responsibility of the customer to follow up with the courier company. In case the order is put on hold by the courier company due to any reason, or the courier company attempts to deliver the order when the customer is not at home, it is the customer’s responsibility to contact the courier company. We recommend you follow up with the courier once you are provided with the tracking number. After multiple delivery failures attempts at the provided address, the courier company might destroy the parcel and we will not be responsible in that case.