Typically, our regular orders are dispatched within 4-5 business days following a successful payment, with an estimated delivery time of approximately 10 working days to your specified destination.

We proudly accept and fulfill orders from customers worldwide. To ensure a top-tier courier service, we exclusively utilize DHL for all our shipments. Post-dispatch, the shipping duration generally spans 3-5 business days for your items to arrive conveniently at your doorstep. Please note that we retain the right to select the courier service that best aligns with the most efficient delivery method for your product.

Upon dispatch, we provide a tracking number for your order, placing the onus on the customer to liaise with the courier company. Should the courier company delay the order or attempt delivery when the customer is unavailable, it becomes the customer's responsibility to engage with the courier company. We strongly advise you to monitor the shipment progress once the tracking number is provided. In instances of multiple unsuccessful delivery attempts to the specified address, the courier company may opt to dispose of the parcel, and we absolve responsibility in such cases.